Basic Workout Units

exercise Exercise

An exercise is the most basic workout unit. Because of this it also contains the most detail. You can give it a name, decide if the exercise will be performed for a specific amount of time, or by the desired number of reps (repetitions). If you choose a timed workout you can specify minutes and seconds. If you choose reps then you can enter the number of reps.

You can specify if you want the exercise to be done on each side. A good example of this would be putting in an exercise called “Side Planks”. For this exercise you would want it to be done on each side. When you run this exercise the app will first call out “Side Planks” and the timing, say 30 seconds, (assuming it is timed since planks do not have reps). When the time is up the app will call out “Switch” and then countdown the timing again.

You can check the “extra timing” check box to include more timing in your exercise. There are two kinds of extra timing, “Rep Timing” and “Simple Timing”.

Rep timing will let you enter timing for each section of the motion of the exercise. The sections are “Lowering”, “Bottom Hold”, “Lifting”, and “Top Hold”. You can also set which of the sections will be assumed to be first, the default being lowering. This is where you can use Rep Timing in combination with Reps to create an exercise you will do 10 times and have the app count the timings down for you while you exercise. This is where you really get the time under tension that makes more out of the workout.

Simple timing is intended to be used as a pace meter. If it is used on a timed workout then it will provide a pacing metronome like snap sound to help you keep pace. If it is used on a reps style exercise then it will provide the snap sound and decrement the count when it does. One example of this would be to have an exercise named “Jog” as a timed exercise set for 30 minutes. Adding in the extra simple timing of 0.7 seconds would cause the app to snap once every 0.7 seconds. This could be used as a pace for when your foot should hit the ground, to keep you moving at the same pace. If it were used with a reps style exercise then it will hold you to the pace, counting down along with the snap.