Pro-Workout was designed to help you get a better workout by helping you apply the concept of "Time Under Tension". This app will allow you to enter any workout, of any complexity, with all of the timing detail you want to put in. For all exercises that contain timing, the app will be able to run you through the workout you have created. This ability goes all the way down to intra-rep timing.

This means that you can have the app tell you "10 pushups... lower... 2... 1... raise... lower... 2... 1... raise" counting off the time on the way down so that you give your muscles the time under tension that will get you the most from the exercise.

When you first install the app there are no exercises. This is because the intent of the app is to let you decide what you want to do, not tell you what to do. The app makes no recommendations on how you should exercise. Instead the app allows you to enter any name for any exercise. You enter the name you recognize and that is what the app will announce when it runs that portion of the workout.

Pro Workout also allows you to enter any number of exercises, in any complexity that you choose to employ, even storing lists of workout plans. If you want to learn more you can look at the index for the online manual to jump to the information you are looking for, or you can begin reading the manual by clicking the next button.

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If you came across this page through a web search then you will probably find a link to the app handy. If you are running Android on your device then you can click this Link to get to the installer.