Task Bar
Screenshot 1

The top bar is called the task bar. It will keep track of all of the steps you took to get to your current location in the app. This comes in handy when you are several levels deep into defining a workout plan. You can use your finger to slide the sections to the left and right to see the whole story.

The menu button on the right will allow you to switch tasks. This is handy when you are deep into editing a workout plan and want to copy something from another section of the data. To do this you would click on the menu button on the right side of the task bar, click on Main Menu, then click on Copy. The copy screen will be discussed in detail later. For now, assume that you copied what you needed to. You can then use the task bar menu button to switch back to Manage Workouts. This will take you right back to where you were so you can paste what you just copied.

The screen being shown here is the main menu. As you can see the name is listed on the task bar.

When the device is turned sideways, the layout changes. The only difference is that the task bar moves to the left side of the screen, and the task bar menu button is at the bottom. Expect to see examples of this view (the landscape view) later in this documentation.

Screenshot 1

This image shows the area occupied by the current screen. The image shows the main menu is the current screen. Clicking on one of the main menu items will bring up the associated screen.

Most screens will have a row of buttons at the bottom. This is where you would look to save, cancel, and any other options that are available on the screen you are on.

The next section will delve into using Manage Workouts.