Building your battle chest

This section is all about making use of the app to store pieces of workouts for later use. Setting up a "Battle Chest" allows you to easily copy and paste a workout together quickly from the pieces you have stored in your battle chest. The first step in this is to create your battle chest. This is done by creating a top level workout with the title "Battle Chest".

A workout is really just a collection of pieces. These pieces can be anything from individual exercies, to workouts and circuits. In other words, a workout can be created to store anything you want.

The first step in the process is to consider how you want your battle chest to be organized. Do you want to have a battle chest that starts with categories? This would allow you to have the level of items directly inside your battle chest to be workouts named after the categories that you want to have. Ideas for categories include warmup exercises, chest, shoulders, back, quads, calves, etc. Inside each of these you would then put in any exercises, workouts, or circuits that you want to be able to easily use to build other workouts from.

At this point you should be familiar with the use of the app, so there should be no need for individual screen shots to indicate each step. This is a conceptual exercise indended to give you an idea just how powerful the app can be at allowing you to slap together new workouts from pieces.

It is up to you if you would prefer to enter full workouts and test their use first, or start with the building of a battle chest. In either case we will be making use of the main menus Copy button.

The Copy button will only allow you to copy from items that have already been saved completely. As you build your battle chest you will save it all the way back to the main menu. Later on, while you are building a new workout, you can use the task switch button in the upper right corner to switch back to the main menu. From there you can select copy and copy whatever pieces you want. Then use the task switch button to switch back to where you were editing your workout and paste in the new portion.

While building your battle chest remember that you can store anything inside it. If you have a warmup circuit that has you do a list of exercises 3 times, and finishes with another circuit that does one exercse 5 times, that can all be copied over with one copy operation.