If you did a "Save All" on the last step then you will need to get back to editing the workout. You would first select "Manage Workouts" from the main menu, then click on the arrow to the right of "Calisthenics". The screen should now look like this.

Screenshot 3

Now I will show you how to organize this better. The next step is to add pushups. As with the jumping jacks, we will do three sets. Unlike the jumping jacks, we will make use of intra-rep timing so we get the most out of our pushups. Our first step in the process will be to organize our jumping jacks into a single item.

Toggle multi-select on and select all of the items. Then click the edit button and select "Cut". All of those line items have been removed from the list and made ready to paste somewhere else. Now hit the Edit button and turn Multi-Select back off.

Click the add button and select Workout. Name the workout "Jumping Jacks". Now hit the edit button and click on "Paste". When you see the items on the screen, hit Save.

Now the screen will look like this:

Screenshot 3

Now you can Edit | Save All if you want to, just be sure to get back to this screen. It is a good idea to do an Edit | Save All once in a while if you are doing a lot of editing.

At this point we will want to continue this new pattern of organization. This means that our next step will be to add a workout called, "Pushups". Add to this a circuit and call it, "Pushup Circuit".

At this point I should mention that the task bar at the top is keeping track of what you are doing. You can scroll it to the right and left to see the path you have taken to get to this point. The path would currently show:

Main Menu | Manage Workouts | Edit:Calisthenics | Add:Pushups | Add:Pushup Circuit

This allows you to check where you are if you need to.

Set the rounds to 2. Add an exercise called Pushups defined like this:

Screenshot 3

Hit Save. Add another exercise called "Rest" with a duration of 20 seconds. Save that one too. Your screen should now look like this:

Screenshot 3

Now add in the same pushup exercise again. If you are feeling like giving it a try, you can go into the circuit(by clicking on the arrow to the right of that line), select the pushup line, do an Edit | Copy, hit Cancel, then use Edit | Paste to add it under the circuit line. The same can be done with the rest line. Once you have those two added under the circuit, change the timing of the last rest from 20 seconds to 1 minute and 0 seconds. Your screen should now look like this:

Screenshot 3

Then it would be a good time to Edit | Save All.